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How You Will Benefit from the CHAMP CAMP EXPERIENCE

Have you noticed how many so-called “experts” are promoting seminars telling you how rich you can become, learning their secrets… in “just two days?” They claim it doesn’t matter if you’re a failure, unemployed, or have no other job prospects. You have a message to deliver to the masses that will make you rich! It doesn’t matter if you have never learned to command a stage and mesmerize an audience… they can teach you in… you got it… in just two days.

Your mother told you, “If it sounds too good to be true… it probably is!”

She was right!

If you are ambitious and have already invested in your own personal growth, actually listened to those “home-study courses” on your shelf, and are ready for the next logical step from proven experts, you can benefit from the CHAMP CAMP EXPERIENCE.

The Champs and Fripp have the ability to

effectively communicate what they have invested…

decades in learning.

You can learn plenty of great information from “home-study courses.” The Champs have also invested in them. However, nothing compares to a transformational experience, something that can only be discovered at a live event.

You will learn firsthand from the masters whose careers you wish to emulate. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your specific questions. You’ll be immersed in a fun, results-oriented experience with passionate teachers committed to you and helping you achieve your aspirations.

The CHAMP CAMP EXPERIENCE is often compared to an MBA course that is condensed into two days, and led by experts with real-life experience, only much more fun!


The CHAMP CAMP EXPERIENCE means you benefit from:

  • Plenty of attention! Each Camp is limited to 31 participants.
  • Content-rich agenda ~ You’ll not find another seminar with more practical information!
  • All your questions answered ~ Well-structured program and approachable experts
  • Specific time-tested strategies and techniques… No vague generalities and exaggerated promises!
  • Varied perspectives… Two seasoned speakers and coaches with different styles
  • Transformation; your part, attendees’ experiences predict it
  • Relationship-building with Fripp and the Champs… learn who they are off-stage!
  • A BONUS… You’ll laugh — and often!


P. S. Mothers love us!